Company Roll

List of Captains, President's Men (etc)

Sunday 18 September 2016 at 12:32 pm.

A record of the notable key position holders and the achievements of the Company.


1997     SSGT    Stevan Balasubramaniam
1997    LCPL    Renny Balasubramaniam

1997    CPL    Simon Balasubramaniam

1998    SGT    Thiagarajah Subramaniam
2014    SSGT    Ethan Keefe Peris

CAPTAINS {We are still in the midst of ascertaining the exact years of captaincy}

Cedric Park
David Chia
Anthony Karasu
Boon Kok Fui
Onn Lai Seng
Wong Chee Onn
Tan Geok Soon PJK, PBB
Rev. Lawrence Francis
Ravindren Arumugam
Dato' Ho Seng Kung
Jason Ng Wai Kien
2008-2010 : Jacob J. M. David
2011 : Cephas Yap Ban Leng
2012 - Present : Jacob J. M. David

Dato' Dr. Ron Tan Kee Kwong, our former Chaplain, is the Brigade Patron since 201?
Mr. Tan Geok Soon PJK, PBB, our former Captain, was the National Secretary (this position is now known as the Brigade Secretary)
Mr. Wong Chee Onn, our former Captain, was the [President?] of the Central District from 199x to 199x
Dato' Ho Seng Kung was the Kuala Lumpur Battalion President from 200x to 200x
Sgt Ethan Keefe Peris was the Chairman of the State NCO Council for Kuala Lumpur BB in 2012
Mr. Jason Ng Wai Kien, our former Captain, was the State Commissioner for Kuala Lumpur BB from 2006-2008
Mr. Jacob J.M. David, our current Captain, was the Treasurer for Kuala Lumpur BB from 2008-2010


The late Rev. Lawrence Francis was both the Captain and Chaplain of the Company at the same time. He is also the only person who has held both of these roles.



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